CNC Lathe : 3 sets
CNC Machine Center : 3 sets
Integrate Machine Center: 1 sets
Manual machine: 7 sets

Tig Welding

Manual weld: 1 set
Auto-Weld: 1 set
CNC weld: 1 set

Heat treatment/brazing

Vacuum oven : 1 set

Test/Measuring System

CMM: 1 set
Borescope: 3 sets
Hydrostatics: 1 set
UT/FPI/LP on Level 3

Machine Area  
1) CNC Lathe 3 sets


NC HTL 数控卧式车床
Travels行程: X: 250mm Z: 700mm
Spindle speed主轴转数:8-783 rpm
Max swing最大旋转直径: 500mm
Turning diameter最大车加工直径: 450mm


CNC VTL 数控立式车床
Travels行程:X: 465mm Z: 840mm
Spindle speed主轴转数: 13-1,200 rpm
Max swing最大旋转直径: 1000mm
Turning diameter最大车加工直径: 800mm


CNC HTL 数控卧式车床
Travels行程: X: 410mm Z: 3000mm
Max Spindle speed最大主轴转数: 900 rpm
Max swing最大旋转直径:1000mm
Turning diameter最大车加工直径: 800mm

2) CNC Machine Center 3 sets


Five Axis CNC Machine Center
Travels行程: X: 1530mm; Y: 1230mm; Z: 1020mm
Table working surface工作台: 800×800m
Max table load最大承重: 2500 kg

DMU 80

Five Axis CNC Machine
Travels (mm) 行程:
980 x630 x 630
Max Load 载重: 650Kg


CNC VMC 立式加工中心
Travels行程: X: 1880m Y: 860mm Z: 751mm
Table working surface工作台:2000×860mm
Max table load最大承重: 2000kg

3) Integrate Milling/Turning Machine Center 1 set


CNC Milling/Turning Machine
Max Turning Dia最大加工直径: 630mm
Max Work Length最大加工长度: 900 mm
Spindle speed主轴转数: 5000 rpm



Manual Shop  

manual lathe
manual milling
surface grinding
Welding Area  

Rotary table: 3 sets
Manual Tig weld 1 set
Auto-Tig weld 1 set
CNC Tig wled 1 set
Vacuum heat treatment/brazing oven 1 set

Heat Treatment Brazing - Silver, Copper, Gold

Usable dimensions: 900 x 900 x 1500 mm
Load Gross weight: 1590 kg
Operation in vacuum : 7.5X10-5 torr
Maximum Temperature : 1320°C
Temperature uniformity (for 600-1320°C range):
Working vacuum in a cold, empty, clean and dry furnace: 10-4 mbar
Leak rate in a cold, empty, clean and dry furnace: <1 x 10-3

Cleaning Station 1 set  

Cool / Hot Water Wash Station
with Frequency Shift press

Test / Measuring System

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