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With advanced precision machining centers, multiple engineering capabilities and various special process resources, M-Tech is able to offer high quality products, ranging from small high precision machining parts to high complexity assembly parts, to satisfy customer’s needs. Materials process include but not limited to steel, aluminum, titanium, Inconel 718/625, hastelloy in the form of forging, casting, bar, plate/sheet and pipes, etc.


M-Tech is specialized in the manufacture of customized thin-walled ring-type precision machining parts for compressor, combustion and turbine of aero engines and APUs for world-renowned OEMs in the aerospace industry. With high precise 5 axis CNC machines, Thin-walled ring machining and control of deformation are our strengths. A host of special processes are available in-house to ensure quality and shortened lead time. Which include:

•       EDM/WEDM

•       Heat treatment (Nadcap certified)

•       Testing- CMM/Hardness

•       NDT(Nadcap certified)- FPI/MPI/LP/Borescope/UT

•       Welding (Nadcap certified) -Vacuum brazing, GTAW, Resistance seam welding, E-Beam Welding

•       Mechanical and manual assembly

In addition, process also includes surface treatment such as anodizing and chemical film, chromium plating, grinding, shot peening, and passivation.


M-Tech is specialized in the manufacture of combustion assemblies (end covers and fuel nozzle) for land-based gas turbines. The Fuel Nozzle & End Cover assembly is a complex and precision part composed of more than 200 components that are made from bar, plate, pipe, forging, casting and precision machined parts. It requires all capabilities in-house, including machining, EDM, welding, assembly, NDT, and functional test.

A host of special processes are available in-house to ensure quality and shortened lead times. They include:

•       Heat treatment (Nadcap certified)

•       Testing- CMM/Hardness/Flow test/Hydrostatic

•       NDT  (Nadcap certified)- FPI/MPI/LP/Borescope/UT

In addition to newly-made products, we are also providing customized repair and modification service, including:

•       Repair of end covers and fuel nozzles

•       Modifications of end covers and fuel nozzles

Oil & Gas

M-Tech is specialized in providing manufacturing solutions for chassis and antenna sleeve parts for drilling and completion applications in the oil & gas industry. We employ advanced CNC machining technologies of 3, 4, and 5-axis machining centers to produce these products. In-house processes also include drilling, straightening, welding (brazing, GTAW, EBW), EDM and assembly for the products. PT and borescopes are performed on the parts to ensure quality.

Chassis and antenna sleeve parts vary in lengths, ranging up to 3,000 mm. Materials include Inconel 718, 625, Nitronic 50, and aluminum. Off-set hole boring and slender chassis machining are our strengths. Length/Diameter ratio can reach 35. The processes also include surface treatment such as shot peening and anodizing.